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 C woke u G p on t C he ground, i've thought " G the eart Am  h is round"
 C so what a G bout thi C s new d G ay on Am  my way
is  C there anything D  new G , what are we gonn Am  a do ?
 C woke up G  in th C e silence then i' G ve heard t Am  hat song
and a voice said
 G this is not a D  bad Am  joke
this  G message's D  done fo Am  r you
you've got to  G work hard D  more an Am  d more
for the  G holy ec D onomi Am  c war
but it couldn't be no hallucinations
then i've read the story of the new nations
lord it's just as you please, i get down on my knees
god, it's wonderful to find the meaning of life
and a voice said
this is not a bad joke
this message's done for you
invade the whole world
dont forget the new password, everybody sings you have
no choice in the matter
i'll become your blessed manager
you've got to produce more and more
for the holy economic war
b (  us Am iness /   f Am orce. /  .. C      /     G      ) 
oh holy yeld, oh holy hell...
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