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Intro : Em   G  (8x)
 Am   Crawling  C like a  G thunder  Em slug   G        Em       G 
 Am   Now it  C smells like a  G war  Em drug   G        Em       G 
 D Here it comes  Em slowly  G        Em       G 
 D Here it comes  Em slowly  G        Em       G 
 Am   Deeply  C burried in the  G bowels   Em       G        Em       G 
 Am   Now it  C spurts  G out of the  Em wells  G        Em       G 
 D Here it comes  Em slowly  G        Em       G 
 D Here it comes  Em slowly  G        Em       F 
 G We can keep that  A# beast away it  F still lays in its  G  gore
G A# F (bend sur le la (corde G))
We'll never stand fascism anymore
 G No way out no  A# miracle, just  F stop it in your  G  blood
 G Has your neighbour  A# really under F  stood ?!
Instrumental : Em   C   G  (12x)
 A   We all wallow in  Em dirt   G        Em       G 
 A   But there's a shadow to  Em hurt   G        Em       G 
 A   Crawling  G like a thunder  Em slug   G        Em       G 
 A   Now it  G smells like a war  Em drug  G      Em       G 
 A   De G eply burried in the bowe Em ls    G        Em       G 
 A   Now  G it spurts out of the  Em wells G      Em       G 
 A      G ad shit flowing to the s Em kin   G        Em       G 
 A   No  G one forget what you  Em mean  G        Em       G 
 A   If it  G grows up like a death  Em tree  G        Em       G 
 A   Why don't we bit it down here and  Em  now ?
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