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T G  en years ago on a cold dark night
S D omeone was killed beneath the  C town hall lights  G 
There were few at the scene but they all agreed
T D hat the slayer who ran looked a l C ot like me   G 
S C he walks these hi G lls in a l C ong black  ve G  il
S C he visits my gr G ave when the n C ight winds  G  wail
Nobod C y knows nobody  G  sees
N C obody k D nows but m G  e
T G  he judge said son what is your alibi
I D f you were somewhere else  C then you won't have to di G  e.
I spoke not a word though it meant my life
I D  been in the  C arms of my best friend's G  wife
Now the scaffold is high and eternity is near
S D he stood in a  C crowd and shed not a t G  ear
But sometimes at night when the cold wind moans
I D n a long black veil  C she cries over  G  my bones
S C he walks these h G ills in a l C ong black v G  eil
S C he visits my g G rave when the ni C ght winds wai G  l
Nobod C y knows nobody G  sees
N C obody kn D ows but me G 
Nobod C y knows nobody G  sees
N C obody kno D ws but me   G 
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