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Adaptation française « Oh ! Quelle nuit ! » par Sacha Distel
Paroles et musique : Don Gibson
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 C Everybody's going out and  G7  having fun
I'm just a fool for staying home and  C  having none
I can't get over  C7 how she set me F  free, G7  oh ! Lonesom C  e me
A  C bad mistake I'm making by just ha G7  nging round
I know that I should have some fun and  C  paint the town
A lovesick fool is  C7 blind and just can't F  see, G7  oh ! Lonesom C  e me
I'll  G bet she's not like me she's D7  out and fancy free
She's flirtin'with the boys with all her c G  harms
But  D7  I still love her so and brother don't you know
I'd welcome her right back here in my  G7  arms
Well ! There C  must be some way I can lose thes G7  e lonesome blues
Forget about the past and find some C  body new
I've  C7 thought of everything from A to F  Z,  G7 oh ! Lonesome C  me
 G7 Oh ! Lonesom C  e me    (Ad libitum)
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