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 D If I were a C  carpente G r and you were D  a lady
 D Would you marry me C  anyway G  ? Would you have D  my baby ?
If a tinker were my trade would you still find me ?
Carrying the pots I made, following behind me
 C Save my love through D  loneliness C , save my love throu D  gh sorrow
 D I give you my C  onlyness G , give me your D  tomorrow.
If I worked my hands in wood oh would you still love me ?
Answer me babe, "Yes, I would, I'll put you above me"
If a miller were my trade I'd a mill wheel grinding
Would you miss your coloured blouse ? Your soft shoes shining ?
Save my love through loneliness, save my love through sorrow
I give you my onlyness, give me your tomorrow.
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