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 E   Oh come all you young fellers, so you A ng and so fin B e, seek E  not your
fortune in the da A rk dreary min E d.  It'll form as a habit and seep A  in your
so B ul, till the stre E am of you blood runs as black A  as the coal. E    Where it's
da B rk as the dungeon, dam A p as the dew. E   Danger B  is double, pleasures A  are few,    E 
where the rain never falls, where the su A n never shin B es, it's dark E  as the
dungeon way do A wn in the min E e.  Like a man with his dope, like a drunka A  rd with
his wi B fe, a man E  will have lust for the lure A  of the mine. E    And I'll pray when
I'm dead, and my ag A es shall rol B l, that my body E  would blacken and turn  A  into
co E al.  And I'd look from the door of my heave A nly home B  and pity  E  the miner
dig A gin my bone E s.  Where it's dark B  as the dungeon, damp  A as the dew.   E Dangers   B 
are double, pleas A ures are few E , where the rain never falls, the sun  A  never
shi B nes, it's dar E k as the dungeon way down A  in the mine. E 
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