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I reMem D ber when I was a Lad   D7 
Now I remember after work
Times were H G ard and things were Ba D  d
Momma would call in all of us
B *             *             ut there's a Silver Linin'B A7 ehind E7  Ever A7  y Cloud
You could hear us singin'for a country mile
 D Just poor People that's all we We D7  re
Now, Little brother has done gone on,
T *                ry'n'to make a L G ivin'outta blackland Dir D  t
On ... But I'll re-Join him in a Song
 D We'd get together in a family circle S A7 ingin'Loud    D 
We'll be together again up yonder in a Little While
 D  Daddy sang bass
 D Momma sang T D7  enor
 D7 Me and little B G rother would join right In D  there
 D Singin'seems to help a trouble A7 d Sou E7 l...  A7 
On A7 e of these Da D ys and it won't be  Long  D7 
 D7 I'll re-J G oin them in a S D  ong
 D I'm gonna join the family C A7 ircle at the Th D rone G ...  D 
 D  No the Circle
 D Won't be Br D7  oken
 D7 Bye and  B G ye, lord, bye and D  Bye A7       D 
 D  Dadd'll sing bass
 D Mom'll sing T D7  enor
 G Me and little brother will join r D  ight In there
 D In the sky, Lord, I G n  Th A7 e  Sky D 
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