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 G7 She said : C  "Come in stranger, it's g F6 ood to ha G7 ve you hom C  e.
 C7 I hur F ried thru 'cause I kne C  w it was you,
when I  Dm saw your do G7 g, wag C  gin'his tail.
 F Honey, why didn't you let me k C  now by mail ?
You D7 've been gone so long"     G7 
She said : C  "Come in stranger, I know you're w F6 eary from all  G7 your mil C  es.
 C7 Just s F it right there in your ea C  sy chair,
and t F6 ell me all abou G7 t the pla C  ces you've been,
how l F ong it'll be before you le C  ave again.
I h D7 ope it's a long, long while."     G7 
She said : C  "Come in s C tranger, everyth G7 ing 'round home is fin C  e.
 C7 I've w F atched and I've waited for yo C  u to get back,
and I m G7 issed you all the ti C  me."
She said : "Come in, stranger, Oh how I need you when you're gone.
I walk the floor and I watch the door
and when I lie awake and wonder where you can be,
I'd give anything to have you here with me.
I get so lonesome all alone."
She said : "Come in, stranger, and won't you listen to my plea.
Stay long enough, so that the one I love,
Is not a stranger to me.
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