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I asked my  G love, to take a  D  walk
Take a walk, just a li G  ttle ways,
And as we walked, along  we  C  talked
Of when would  G be,   D  our wedding  G  day.
And only  G say, that you'll be  D  mine,
In no o  thers arms entwi G  ned,
Down beside where the waters  C  flow,
Down by the  G banks D  of the Ohi G  o.
I asked her  G if she'd marry  D  me,
And my wife forever  G  be,
She only turned her head a C  way
And had no  G othe D r words to s G  ay.
I plunged a  G knife into her  D  breast,
And told her she was going to  G  rest,
She cried 'Oh Willie, don't murder  C  me,
I'm not  G prepared D  for eternit G  y.'
I took her  G by her golden  D  curls,
And drug her down to the river G  side,
And there I pushed her into  C  drown,
And I watched her  G as s D he floated do G  wn.
And going  G home between twelve and  D  one,
And cried 'Oh Lord, What have I  G  done,
I've killed the only girl I  C  love,
Because she  G would D  not marry  G  me.
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