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 A They had a warrant out for  E me all over  A  country
and I was trying to beat two raps in  E  Idaho,
I was  A breaking into a school house sunday  D  morning without warning
 A when I saw the sheriff  E coming for me  A  slow from down below
 A His steel grey eyes were  E blazing when he  A  saw me
his hand was on his gun when he rode u E  p
he  A said you killed that woman I know you  D  shot her why'd you do it ?
 A I'm taking you to  E Austin and  A  I'm gonna lock you up
 A Well he tied me with the  E plowline the next  A  morning
and he had me deep in Texas the next  E  day
 A A crazy screaming lynchmob waited  D  in streets of Austin
 A but he put me in the  E jailhouse and he  A  threw the key away
 A a jury found me  E guilty three months  A  later
weld evil men with murder in their  E  eyes
 A they even took me out and said now  D  show us where you killed her
 A and that wicked judge said  E now I hereby  A  sentence you to die
But here I am far away from Austin prison my friend the jailor handed me a  E  file
 A now all I want between me and there are  D  alot of friendly people
 A and miles and miles and  E miles and miles and A  miles and miles and miles
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