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 C Hoof prints and f G oot prints, de C ep ruts the wagons mad F  e
The v C ictor and the lo G ser came by her C e        G 
no h C ead stones but th G ese bones bring Mas C calero death moan F  s
 C see the smooth black n F uggets by the th G ousands laying her C  e
 C petrified but j F ustified are th G ese Apache tea C  rs
 C Dead grass, d G ry roots, hu C nger crying in  F  the night
 C Ghost of broken h G earts and laws are he C re      G 
And w C ho saw the yo G ung squaw they jud C ged by their whis F  key law
 C Tortured till she d G ied of pain and fe C  ar
Where the s C oldiers lay her ba F ck are the bla G ck Apache tear C  s
The y C oung men, the ol G d men, the gui C lty and the inno F  cent
 C Bled red blood and c G hilled alike with fe C ar       G 
The r C ed men, the wh G ite men, no  C fight ever took F  this land
 C So don't raise the d G ust when you pass he C  re
They're s C leeping and in my ke F eping are the G se Apache tear C  s
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