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Six foot s C  ix, he stood on the ground
He weighed two h C  undred and thirty five pounds
But I saw that g Dm iant of a man brought do G wn to his knees by lov C  e
He was the kind of a m C  an that would gamble on luck
Look you in the e C  ye and never back up
But I saw him c Dm rying like a little whipped pu G p because of lov C  e
You can't see it with your e C yes, hold it in your ha F  nd
But like the w Em ind that covers our la Am  nd
Strong enough to r F ule the heart of any ma Dm n, this thing called lov G  e
It can lift you u C p, never let you do F  wn
Take your w Em orld and turn it all ar Am  ound
Ever since t C ime nothing's ever been fo G und that's stronger than lov C  e
Most me are like me, they struggle in doubt
They trouble their mind day in and day out
Too busy with living to worry about, a word called love.
But when I see a Mother's tenderness
As she holds her young close to her breast
Then I thank God that this world's been blessed by a thing called love
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