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Intro : E 
Well the o E nly thing that'll move me now is a fa A  st song
 B7 Sung long, and b E  arrelin'on
And I don't wanna hear no cryin'al A  l gone wrong song
 B7 Kick it off and let's all pick a f E  ast song
Now d A on't go bringin'singin'strummin'me no E  slow tune
 F#7 Stay away from all that moon and J B  une spoon croon tune
 A Throw me one that's flyin'and I'll ha E  ng on
I'll c B7 ome in on my part on a fa E  st song
Instrumental : A   E   B7   E 
Well i E t don't have to have a banjo  A  or mandolin
But let it i B7 n if it wants in E 
Keep the rosin handy and the hor A  sehair tough and tight
 B7 Pick it up and I'm liable to p E  ick all night
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