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O E7 h Danny boy A  the pipes, the pipe A7 s are callin D  g
From glen to gle A n and down the  D mountain side  E7 
The summer's gon A e and all A7  the roses f D  alling
Tis you tis yo A u must  Cm go and  E7 I must b A  ide
B E7 ut come ye bac F#m k when summe D r's in the m E7 eadow  A 
Or when the vall F#m ey's hushed D  and white C#m  with snow   B7       E7 
Tis I'll be ther A e in sunshi D ne or in shadow A        F#m 
Oh Danny boy A  oh Danny boy  D I love  E7 you so.   A 
A E7 nd when you come A  and all  A7 the flowers are  D  dying
If I am dead A  as dead I well  D may be   E7 
Ye'll co A me and find a  A7 place where I  D  am lying
And kneel and sa A y an a Cm ve th E7 ere for  A  me
A E7 nd I shall hea F#m r though sof D t your thread  E7 above me    A 
And all my grave F#m  shall warm D er, sweete C#m r be,   B7       E7 
For you will ben A d and tell  D me that you lo A ve me       F#m 
And I shall liv A e in peace until D  you come  E7 to me.   A 
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