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 D Amarillo By M F#m  orning,
 G Up from San Ant D  one.
Everything that I F#m  've Got,
Is j G ust what I've got on A7  .
When that s G un is high in that Te A  xas Sky,
I'll be b D uckin'at the cou F#m nty fair G  .
 D Amarillo by m A  orning,
Amar G illo I' A ll be the D  re.
 D They took my saddle in H F#m  ouston,
Broke my l G eg in Santa Fe D  .
Lost my wife and a g F#m  irlfriend,
Somew G here along the wa A7  y.
But I'll be l G ooking for eight when they pu A  ll gate,
And I h D ope that ju F#m dge ain't bli G  nd.
 D Amarillo by m A  orning,
Amar G illo's on A  my min D  d.
 E Amarillo by m G#m  orning,
 A Up from San Ant E  one.
Everything that I G#m  've got,
Is j A ust what I've got on B7  .
I ain't g A  ot a dime,
But what I've g B7  ot is mine.
I ain't r E ich but Lo G#m rd I'm fre A  e.
 E Amarillo by m B7  orning,
Amar A illo's wh B7 ere I'll be. E       A      B7 
 E Amarillo by m B7  orning,
Amar A illo's wh B7 ere I'll be. E 
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