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Capo III
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 G On that snowy b C  right December day
She c G ame and took my br D  eath away
It was t G here I met my lo C  ve so fair
A be G auty o D h so t G  rue and rare
For who w G e are and wh C  at we'll be
I'ii  G sing your praise e D  ternally
When  G I was lost you c C  arried on
When  G I was  D weak you k G  ept us strong
You walk the line so gracefully
Of friendship, love and loyality
In troubled time you did your best
Of lesser strenght I must confess
As seasons come and seasons pass
The bond we know will always last
We built a life remaining true
I pledge my heart and soul to you
Fo who we are and what we'll be
I'll sing your praise eternally
The miles we've shared I'd trade but few
They're the ones thet kept me away from you
On that snowy bright December day
You came and took my breath away
It was there I met my love so fair
A beauty oh so true and rare
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