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Capo II
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Intro : E(sus4)   A   G   D 
 A  Ohhhh I think I'm landing
In a  D  world I hadn't seen
When I'm f A  eeling ordinary
When I don't  D  know what I mean!
 A  Oh I think I'm landing
Where there are  D  miracles at work
For the  A  first and for the hunger
Come the D  conference of birds
And say it's A  true
It's not what it D  seems
Leave your  A  broken windows open
And in the  D  light just streams
And you get a  A  head
A head full of  D  dreams
You can  A  see the change you want to
Be what you  D  want to be
And you get a  A  head
A head full of d D  reams
It's a l A  augh that's just been spoken
With a h G ead full! a head D  full of dreams! A 
I sing o A h, I think I lan D  ded
Where there are  D  miracles at work
Now you've  E(sus4) got me open h A  anded
Now you  D got me lost for  A  words
 A   D   E   C#m   D   A 
I sing oooooooh
A head full of dreams (x2)
 A  Oooooooh
 D  Oooooooooooh
It's eno E7  ugh
I've just been s E  poken
With a h G  ead full
A h D ead full of d A  reams
 Bm   G   D 
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