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 E My b E/G# rother s A aid that wa B7 s rotten to the  E  core
I  E/G# was the A  youngest child,  F#m so I got by with B7  more
 E I guess E/G#  she was A  tired by,  B7 the time I came E  along
She'd E/G#  laugh until A  she cried, F#m  I could do no B7  wrong
 F#m She would always save me B7 
Because I was her E  baby
I worked a C#m  factory in Ohio
A A  shrimp boat in the bayou
 E Drove a truck in Birmin B7  gham
Turned twenty C#m  -one in Cincinatti
 A  Called home to mom and daddy
 E Said, your boy's now a B7  man
She said I F#m  don't care if you're 80
 B7 You'll always be my E  baby
She  E/G# loved that A  photograph B7  of our whole fami E  ly
She'd  E/G# always  A point us out,  F#m for all her friends to  B7  see
 E "That's  E/G# Greg, he A  doing great -  B7 he really loves his E  job
Ron E/G# nie with A  his two kids, F#m  how 'bout that wife he's B7  got
And F#m  that one's kinda crazy  B7 
But, that one is my baby"
I got a C#m  call in Alabama
Said, "come on A  home to Louisiana
 E And come as fast as you can B7  fly
Cause your C#m  mama really needs you
She A  says she's gotta see you
 E She might not make it through the B7  night"
 F#m The whole way I drove 80 B7 
So she could see her E  baby
She C#m  looked like she was sleeping
And my A  family had been weeping
 E By the time that I got to her B7  side
I C#m  knew that she'd been taken
And my A  heart it was breakin'
 E I never got to say good B7  bye
I F#m  softly kissed that lady
 B7 And cried just like a E  baby
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