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I can't be D lieve it, F      G      A#       A 
the  D way you  F look some G times   A# 
 A like a  D trampled  F flag on a  C city  G  street,
oh  D yeah  F      A 
and I don't D  want it F ,    G      A#       A 
the  D things you're  F offering  G me,  A#       A 
 D symbolized  F bar code,  C quick i. G  d.,
oh  D yeah  F      A 
I'm a  D 21st  A# century  F digital  C  boy,
I  D don't know how to  A# live, but I've  F got a lot of  C  toys,
my  D daddy is a  A# lazy middle  F class intel G  lectual,
my  D mommy's on  A# valium, she's  F so inef G fectua A  l,
ain't life a mystery ?
 D   F   G   A#   A   D   F   A 
I can't explain it,
the things they're saying to me,
it's going yayayayayayaya,
oh yeah,
I'm a 21st century digital boy,
I don't know how to read, but I've got a lot of toys,
my daddy is a lazy middle class intellectual,
my mommy's on valium, she's so ineffectual,
ain't life a mystery ?
 C    i tried to tell you about no control,
 G    but now I really don't know,
 A#   and then you told me how  F  bad you had to suffer,
 A    is that really all you have to offer ?
I'm a 21st century digital boy...
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