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Capo II
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 C You wanna be set a Em  part
 Am Burn  G all of your  D/F#  art
Re G pair the  F wasteful  C  part
I'm a va Em mpire  Am in a  G fores D/F#  t fire
 G Hey we all  F gotta keep  Em warm   C 
 G Hey we all  F gotta keep  Em warm   C 
 G Driving to F wards the  Am storm G      F 
 C Your father was a  Em  pervert
 Am Face d G own in the  D/F#  dirt
 G He taught you  F how to  C  hurt
My  Em father  Am was a G  min D/F#  er
Who  G lived in  F the s Em uburbs  C 
Let's  G live in  F the su Em burbs  C 
If  G I let where  F I'm from  Am burn I can  G never re F  turn
 C My brother reads you and  Em  me
 Am His n G ew poet D/F#  ry
 G How em F barra C  ssing
Your  Em sister  Am pours  G the  D/F#  gasoline
 G I'll  F fix your  Em meals   C 
 G I'll  F fix your  Em meals   C 
 G While  F your burns  Am heal  G      F 
Intrumental :
 C   Bbmaj7   Am  (2x)
 Bb   Cm   Dm/A   Gm   F   D#  (x2)
 Bb  Find a house
You don't  Cm  have to rebuild
 Dm/A  Stone by stone brick by brick
 Gm Nail by nail my  F father never  D#  meant to leave me this
 D#  meant to leave me this
Let  Bb  this love last
I  Cm  drive too fast
 Dm/A  Said I'd return if I'd ever cared
But  Gm there's no inters F tate I find to  D#  take me there
 D#  To take me there
 Bb   Cm   Dm/A   Gm   F   D#  (x4)
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